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The Importance of Video in Recruiting

The Importance of Video in Recruiting

Recruitable athletes have up-to-date recruiting videos that highlight key plays for their position, making it easy for coaches to evaluate. Here's what college coaches want to see.

Video is one of the most essential components of your recruiting process. Without video, college coaches could only see a limited number of student-athletes at the recruiting events they choose to attend. With video, college coaches can evaluate a student-athlete from the comfort of their own office or home. 

While recruiting events are still extremely important, video has become essential in the recruiting process. Some coaches won’t even talk to you until they have seen you play in person or on video. While less common, it is not unheard of for college coaches to extend offers to student-athletes after only seeing their video online.

Video allows every coach in the country to see you play, no matter where you live or which events you attend that year. This is why we encourage student-athletes to post the best video possible for college coaches to see.

What Type of Videos Do College Coaches Want to See?

Highlight reels, skills videos, and full game footage are the three main types of videos that a college coach wants to see. Depending on your sport and the preference of the college coach, college coaches may only want to see one type or all three. 

With your SportsRecruits profile, you can upload an unlimited amount of video. You should be adding new videos every club and high school season. This way, college coaches can see your athletic improvements as you get older. 

What Are the Differences Between a Highlight Reel and Skills Video?

A highlight reel consists of live footage from a game or match. With a highlight reel, college coaches will expect to see a variety of skills in a live play setting. This type of video is short and concise and only consists of your best clips. 

You can create a highlight reel right on your SportsRecruits profile using the highlight reel editor tool. Here you can pick out your best clips from your video library to create a 3-4 minute highlight reel. 

A skills video is a closer look at your technique and is strictly practice footage. Skills videos show you doing the same skill multiple times in a row and then move on to showing another skill multiple times in a row. When you are filming a skills video, it is essential that you get the right angle for the coach to see your technique. 

Both of these videos are important to have on your SportsRecruits profile. College coaches are 20 times more likely to view a student-athlete’s profile if the profile has video. 

Creating an Effective Highlight Reel

What Types of Clips Should I Include in My Highlight Reel?

Your highlight reel is a chance for a coach to see all of your skills as an athlete. Make sure to show a variety of skills rather than the same one repeatedly.

As you sort through your raw footage, we recommend using what we call the 5-star system. You should rate all of your clips with 1 to 5 stars, where 1-star is the worst and 5-star is the best. After ranking your clips, you should add only 4 and 5-star clips to your highlight reel. College coaches only want to be watching the best highlights. 

It’s important that the student-athlete is heavily involved in watching the footage and selecting each clip. You know when you are playing at your best, and it will also be good practice when you need to watch college videos. 

How Long Should A Highlight Video Be?

A highlight reel should only consist of your best clips. College coaches want to watch a video that is short and to the point. They do not have the time to watch a 7-minute highlight reel. 

We recommend having a highlight reel that is between 3-4 mins. This will likely be anywhere from 15 to 20 clips. 

How Do I Order My Highlight Reel? 

You should be putting your best clips in the beginning, your 4 & 5-star clips. As mentioned earlier, college coaches will not sit through a long sports highlight reel. Therefore, you should have the best clips in the beginning to encourage a coach to finish viewing the reel. 

Where Can I Find Footage For My Highlight Reel? 

High school and club teams will often film games for their athletes. Find out where that video is posted (i.e. YouTube, Hudl, etc.) and how to access it.

If there is no one on your team to film, have a family member or friend film the game for you. We recommend filming from an elevated surface to ensure you get the full play. 

You can film directly from your iPhone, Tablet, or other smart device. You do not need to buy a super high-tech camera. As long as you capture the plays clearly and coaches can see where you are on the field/court, you are good!  

How Can I Share My Videos with College Coaches? 

Once you create a highlight reel or skills video, make sure you add it to your SportsRecruits profile for college coaches to view easily. Remember, you are able to upload an unlimited number of videos and create highlight reels right on SportsRecruits. 

Once you add video to your profile, you should be messaging college coaches about your new video. You must be proactive when you add new footage and not simply waiting for college coaches to stumble across your footage. Bring the exposure to you! 

With the SportsRecruits Messaging System, you can email any college coach directly. Every message you send from the Messaging System has an embedded link that takes the college coach directly to your SportsRecruits profile. When a college coach clicks that link, you will be notified in real-time which program is viewing your video, profile, or transcripts.


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