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SportsRecruits empowers student-athletes to pursue their dreams.

In 2008, co-founders Chris Meade and Matt Wheeler saw an opportunity to use technology to evolve the stressful, fragmented, and antiquated recruiting process of college athletics. As former Division III student-athletes, they had navigated this journey themselves and saw how it could be improved. They created SportsRecruits to help new generations of student-athletes get recruited and realize their dream of competing at the collegiate level.

Fast forward to today, we are helping hundreds of thousands of athletes, college coaches, and youth coaches connect within the SportsRecruits network. We are reshaping what it means to recruit and be recruited. We are working to create a more equitable process, ensuring that every athlete and college, regardless of means, are given powerful tools to find their fits. We are pushing the boundaries of possibility to expand the pool of opportunity.

Every student-athlete deserves their shot — we're here to assist.




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