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What is a Skills Video?

What is a Skills Video?

Using insights from hundreds of coaches, we've compiled the key elements college coaches are seeking in your skills video.

A skills video is a college recruiting video for college coaches to examine student-athletes' technical skills closely. This type of recruiting video consists of film taken in a practice setting. ​​

Skills videos are formatted a little differently than highlight reels. Skills videos show you doing the same skill multiple times in a row and then moving on to showing another skill numerous times. The skills coaches want to see will differ depending on your sport and position.

How Do You Create a Skills Video? 

To create an athletic skills video, you must film various sets of skills essential to your position and sport multiple times in a row. For example, if you are a basketball player and play shooting guard, you should include a series of 4-6 shots of you shooting on net. If you are a soccer player and play goalkeeper, you should include a series of 4-6 clips of you saving shots on goal. All of the videos in your skills video should be filmed in a practice setting, not from a live game or match. 

You must highlight a variety of your athletic skills and shoot the film at different angles. This will ensure that college coaches can see your technical form. 

Similar to a great highlight reel, a skills video is short and concise. It should showcase 4-6 different skills (with 4-6 shots of each skill) and be between 2-3 minutes. Make sure to include the best videos that showcase your skills. 

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What is the Difference Between a Highlight Reel and a Skills Video?

The main difference between a highlight reel and a skills video is that a highlight reel consists of live game footage and a skills video consists of practice footage.

With a skills video, coaches can evaluate your technical skills and athletic abilities more closely. With a highlight reel, coaches can see how you react in a live game setting. Learn how to make an effective highlight reel coaches want to see here.

Remember that coaches want to see a skills video, a highlight reel, and even raw game footage. With these different types of recruiting videos, coaches can evaluate you properly. 

What Should I Do After Creating a Skills Video? 

Video is essential in the college recruiting process. Whether it is raw footage, a highlight video, or a skills video, college coaches need an athletic video to recruit you. After creating your skills video, ensure you are taking the time to message college coaches about your new film. 

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