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Maximize recruiting exposure

Athletes need to be seen to get recruited. Every action taken on SportsRecruits is engineered to amplify exposure to college coaches.

Everything college coaches need to recruit your athletes

SportsRecruits Athlete Profiles are built to college coach specifications and contain all of the athletic, academic, and personal information college coaches need to start making an evaluation. Coaches can easily explore athletes and teams from your Organization Profile.

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Expand your recruiting network

Every athlete's best fit college is different. Utilize our School Search to uncover and explore potential fits according to the unique needs of each of your athletes. Discover new opportunities and create new recruiting connections in the SportsRecruits network.

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Take action and get traction

Complete profiles make athletes searchable, adding video boosts their visibility, and building a target list signals their interest to college coaches - every action taken on SportsRecruits increases recruiting exposure with college coaches and puts your athletes one step closer to finding their fit.

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Video optimized for recruiting

We're revolutionizing how colleges find and evaluate student-athletes - it starts with video.


Unlimited video storage and distribution

Unlimited storage, and the option to embed from YouTube, Hudl, and Vimeo, gives you all the space needed to showcase your athletes and teams. Easily share video across your organization with film assignment and distribution tools.

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Highlights optimized for evaluation

With the built-in Highlight Reel Editor, athletes can quickly cut together and publish unlimited highlight reels. Our clip-based system allows coaches to watch videos optimized for athletic evaluation.

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Sync video from SidelineHD, Balltime, and more

SportsRecruits integrates best-in-class video and AI capture products, making it easier than ever to get video in front of college coaches. Athletes can now connect sidelineHD, Balltime, and coming soon, Pixellot.

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A better way to manage recruiting

Get transparency into every athlete's recruiting process, guide your athletes and teams, and streamline your entire organization's recruiting efforts.

Real-time recruiting insights

Know which colleges are watching your athletes, see who’s sending messages, and track college interactions with everyone in your organization in your live Recruiting Activity Feed. With text and email alerts, you’ll be in the know the moment a college shows interest.

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Targeted recruiting guidance

Lend support directly through the SportsRecruits platform. Guide athletes' target lists through tags and categorization, easily send profiles, messages and recommendations to colleges, and find schools with specific criteria or open roster spots.

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Every college, a click away

From NCAA to NAIA, Big Ten to NESCAC, every college has access to SportsRecruits. Reach out to any coach in the country to promote your athletes in a click - no digging up contact info, no attachments to upload.

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Everything you need to tackle
the soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, gymnastics, football, swimming, diving, wrestling, water polo, track and field, cross country, tennis, squash, skiing, and golf
recruiting process


Athlete, Team + Organization Profiles

Put all of the academic, athletic, and personal information a college coach needs to recruit your athletes and teams in one place.


College View Tracking + Alerts

Know who's scouting your athletes and see which colleges are viewing athlete profiles, videos, and more in realtime. Get alerted via email and text, or track interactions in the Activity Feed.


See Open Roster Needs*

Roster Needs are the open roster spots college coaches are actively recruiting for. They are added directly by college coaches and display on their school profile.


Unlimited Video + Distribution

Upload and distribute unlimited video within your organization for athletes to build highlight reels. Publish film to your Organization Profile with side-by-side rosters.


Highlight Reel Editor

Using any video uploaded to their account, or synced via video partner, athletes can create and publish unlimited highlight reels.


Research Schools

Search for schools according to the athletic, academic, and social criteria that match your athletes' needs. Layer in Roster Needs* to view which schools have published their open roster spots on SportsRecruits.


Target List

Athletes can build, categorize and track progress with their target list of schools, helping to keep the recruiting process focused and organized.


Tag Fits for Athletes

Guide your athletes toward fits in a click. Tag schools you think are a match and keep your athletes' efforts focused on the right schools.



Put every college coach in the country a click away from your athletes and staff. Easily send Athlete Profiles and know when they're seen with College View Tracking.


Printable + Embeddable Rosters

Generate PDF and iFrame versions of your team rosters. With information pulled right from athlete profiles, having complete and accurate info is a click away.


Dedicated Support

Receive dedicated support from our Account Management team to help get your organization onboarded, engaged, and on the way to seeing recruiting success.


Recruiting Resources

Educational resources for your staff and student-athletes including webinars, training sessions, and optimized email campaigns.


Engagement Data

Stay informed with organization-wide activity with in-product metrics and weekly email digests. Quickly gauge which athletes are on track and who needs guidance to better identify where your staff should step in and help.

Help your athletes and staff take control of the recruiting process with SportsRecruits.

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*Roster Needs are currently available in team sports; baseball, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, volleyball, and water polo. Roster Needs search filter is currently available in field hockey, men's and women's lacrosse, men's and women's soccer, softball, and women's volleyball.

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From kick-off to commit, our recruiting resources will help guide your organization through every step of the recruiting process.

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