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Hundreds of thousands of prospective student-athletes are on SportsRecruits. Equip your coaching staff with the data and tools you need to identify the right fits.

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Explore student-athletes from across the country and filter by athletic or academic stats, hometown, video availability, or interest in your program.

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Help student-athletes, guardians, and club and high school staff understand your team's recruiting needs for upcoming class years. Once published, Athlete Profiles matching your Roster Needs will funnel directly into a scoped feed allowing you to quickly evaluate potential fits.

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Roster Needs can currently be published in team sports; baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, volleyball, and water polo.

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In the office, on the road, at home, SportsRecruits is your virtual sideline. Everything you need to start evaluating a PSA is at your fingertips 24/7.

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SportsRecruits Athlete Profiles include the athletic stats, video, academic information, and contact details you need to start making an evaluation. Recruits’ most up-to-date data is always just a click away.

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Thousands of hours of video

Get a first look, or dive deep, with access to thousands of highlights and games from athletes, clubs, high schools, and events across the country. Side-by-side with athlete data and roster information, screening recruits has never been more efficient.

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EventBeacon on your side(line)

Take your recruiting from SportsRecruits in the office to EventBeacon on the sideline. Live at premier recruiting events across the country, EventBeacon puts game schedules, team rosters, evaluation tools, and trusted SportsRecruits athlete data on your iOS or Android device.

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EventBeacon is currently available for select events in m/w lacrosse, m/w soccer, and w volleyball

Stay in sync

Keep your whole coaching staff on the same page and sync up your entire recruiting workflow with SportsRecruits.

Stay on the same page

Favorite recruits that are a fit, skip those that aren’t, and share evaluations across your program's SportsRecruits account. All of your recruit data and activity is synced across your coaching staff to ensure everyone is in the know.

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Port data to your CRM

Export your program’s favorited and evaluated athlete data and import it into your athletic department’s CRM (JumpForward, FrontRush, ARMs, etc.). Keep your data and your workflow connected.

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Online and onsite recruiting, connected

SportsRecruits data powers EventBeacon. With seamless syncing of Student-Athlete Profiles and your program's favorite and skip activity across products, it's easy to access the recruit info you need wherever you are.

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EventBeacon is currently available for select events in m/w lacrosse, m/w soccer, and w volleyball

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With free access to SportsRecruits, all colleges nationwide can use our tools to effectively discover, evaluate, and connect with student-athletes, regardless of division, budget, or staff size.


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Explore thousands of prospective student-athlete profiles according to the parameters important to your program. Filter down to see athletes interested in your program, or those who match specific athletic, academic, and geographic criteria.


Post Roster Needs*

Publish Roster Needs to attract talent that matches the open roster spots you're actively recruiting for. Anytime an Athlete Profile matches your Need, they're filtered into a specific feed for easy identification and evaluation.


Athlete Search

Quickly find athletes by name in our database of over 400K PSAs. Access all of their athletic stats and video, academic information, and contact details.


Sync Your Recruiting Workflows

Export your favorited and evaluated athlete data to import into your CRM (ARMS, FrontRush, etc.) to keep your workflow in-sync. When using EventBeacon, access SportsRecruits information automatically.



Send and receive recruiting communication both on and off platform. A copy of all messages received on SportsRecruits are forwarded to your athletic department email, allowing you to reply from wherever you prefer to work.

Your .edu (or athletic department issued) email address is all you need to log in and start recruiting.

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*Roster Needs can be published in team sports including baseball, basketball, field Hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, volleyball, and water polo.

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