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Late Recruiting for Seniors

Late Recruiting for Seniors

Are you a senior and not yet recruited? Discover strategies to connect with college coaches late in the process.

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Every student-athlete’s college recruiting process is different. While some student-athletes begin the recruiting process as freshmen, others may start later. If you are a senior and haven't yet been recruited, it's important to know there are still opportunities available, but fewer roster spots may be open.

You should never assume that finding a program as an unrecruited senior is impossible. While it may take some hard work, there is a program for everyone!

When Do College Coaches Stop Recruiting Seniors?

Every program is different when it comes to when they finalize their recruiting classes. Some higher-tier programs may fill their recruiting classes earlier than others. However, it’s important to note that anything can happen. Student-athletes can drop from a recruiting class or may be ineligible to play.

Never take yourself out of running with a school if you think they may be a good fit. Coaches could add high school student-athletes to their roster as late as the spring of their Senior Year. It's possible to be added to a roster even after National Signing Day has passed. If you do not get officially recruited, there may be an opportunity to walk-on. Keep in mind that walking on to a team may require additional steps, such as tryouts.

Steps to Take As An Unrecruited Senior

If you are a senior and have not found a program yet, it’s time to get to work! There are a few important things that you need to do to get the ball rolling with your recruiting process.

Re-Evaluate Your Target List 

If you have not found success with any of the programs on your current list, it’s time to start researching for other schools that could be a better fit. We recommend contacting your athletic advocates to see if they know of any programs looking for your position or grad year. You can also use the SportsRecruits Roster Needs Tool in several sports, to see if coaches are looking for your position or grad year. 

Message College Coaches 

Communication will be essential as you continue to search for a program looking for your position and class year. Most of the time, college coaches will be transparent if they do not think you are a good fit or if they have already filled up their recruiting class. Below is an email template for you to ask college coaches exactly where they are in their process and whether they are still looking for your position. For more information about writing compelling emails to coaches, visit our article here.



I hope all has been well at (COLLEGE NAME)! (COLLEGE NAME) is at the top of my list both for its academics and competitive level of (YOUR SPORT).

I am sure you are well into your (YOUR GRAD YEAR) recruiting process, I wanted to see what I can be doing to be setting myself up for success for your program.

Are you still looking for a (YOUR POSITION)?

If you have the time, I would love to get on a phone call with you in the next few weeks to discuss where you are with your (YOUR GRAD YEAR) recruiting class.

As a reminder, you can find my most up-to-date highlight reels and my full athletic and academic profile via the link below. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these clips.

I look forward to connecting soon! Let me know if there is any other information I can provide for you about my background as a student-athlete.



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