Super Sophs Lacrosse Showcase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SportsRecruits?

SportsRecruits empowers high school athletes to pursue their dreams by providing them with a suite of online tools to handle every facet of the college recruiting process. We have every DI, DII and DIII college coach as a registered user. With over 100,000 members and founded by and staffed by former college athletes, SportsRecruits provides top-notch guidance when it comes to the college recruiting process.

How do I use SportsRecruits?

Once you register, you spend a few minutes completing your athlete profile. This is your athletic resume and you update it whenever your information changes. New grades? New video? New stats? Update your profile! Ideally, you are updating your profile every few weeks. When you want to contact a school, you use SportsRecruits' Built In Messaging System. Every DI, DII and DIII school in the country is a registered user of SportsRecruits allowing a member to put themselves in front of their target list of schools.

Is SportsRecruits hard to use?

SportsRecruits was created to streamline the recruiting process for high school athletes and their parents. We have built a platform that allows the most technologically challenged person to easily navigate the recruiting process. If you need help using the site, you can just call us and we will help you out.

How do I get a highlight reel produced?

We have built over 3,000 highlight reels and have this process down to a science. We have a form you fill out where you pick the 15-20 clips you like from the footage you have. We can use any video you have. So let's say you want to use some clips from video we shot for you and some clips from video you personally shot. You would simply give us access to your video and we have your highlight reel built and on your profile in about a week. Video can be a total pain and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

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