D3 Winter Showcase

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      • All regular games filmed in HD from an elevated angle. Check out a sample here.
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      • Our post-production team will build you 1 highlight reel or skill video. $250 value!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to film that I buy?

Event film will be delivered to you within about a week of the event. Each of your games will be posted to your SportsRecruits account. If you are not members of SportsRecruits, we will create a free account for you. After the event, we will reach out via email to let you know that your film is available, along with information to get you logged in to our platform to access it. You will be able to view the games on SportsRecruits, or download them directly to your computer as MP4 files. You will have full ownership of these files if you wish to edit them in any way.

What quality is the film?

We have a full team of professional videographers on site at our events to deliver the highest quality film possible. For the vast majority of our events, videographers are filming from an elevated surface to get an unobstructed view of the field. All of our film is delivered to you in HD at 720p.

Are you filming my whole team or just me?

Our videographers follow the action throughout the game. If you are a part of the action on the field, you will be in the film. They do not focus on individual players. When you purchase event film, we deliver full-game raw footage from start to finish. If you would like to have a highlight reel made including only your best clips, you can purchase a highlight reel in addition to the event film.

How do I get a highlight reel produced?

We have built over 3,000 highlight reels and have this process down to a science. We have a form you fill out where you pick the 15-20 clips you like from the footage you have. We can use any video you have. So let's say you want to use some clips from video we shot for you and some clips from video you personally shot. You would simply give us access to your video and we have your highlight reel built and on your profile in about a week. Video can be a total pain and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. This highlight reel can be produced at any point down the road, and does not expire. Buy it now in combination with event film at a discounted rate and use it later.

Need help deciding? Email us at [email protected].