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Recruiting Down To A Science

With the right tools, recruiting is a data-driven, predictable process

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The SportsRecruits Platform will get you there.

  • Every College Coach In The Palm Of Your Hand

    Get the exposure you need to commit to the school of your dreams.

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    Student-Athlete Profile

    Everything a coach needs to evaluate you as a prospect, from transcripts and test scores to athletic stats and video.

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    Built-in Messaging System

    Every college coach is a registered user. Forget digging up contact information and focus on getting yourself on their radar.

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    Know Who’s Interested

    Watch in real-time as coaches view your profile and videos.

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  • Empower Your Athletes

    Give your athletes the tools to succeed, and give your staff the power to get them there.

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    Complete Transparency

    Every interaction your athletes have with college coaches is tracked so your staff can better assist families.

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    Streamlined Communication

    Use the built-in messaging system to handle all communication with athletes, parents, and college coaches.

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    Happy Families

    The recruiting process is extremely emotional. Empower your student-athletes to pursue their dreams.

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  • Discover Your Next All-American

    Everything you need to evaluate a prospect is in one place, from transcripts and test scores to video and stats.

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    Athlete Search

    Use SportsRecruits to find student-athletes to meet your program’s athletic and academic requirements.

    Access to Top Club and High Schools Teams

    With the nation’s top club and high school teams on SportsRecruits, you have access to the most elite talent pool.

    Access to Video

    Recruit from your couch. College coaches watched over 12,000 hours of video on SportsRecruits in the past 12 months.

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on SportsRecruits
700 plus sign
Clubs and High Schools
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38,000 plus sign
College Coaches
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