sportsrecruits-co-founderAs CEO and co-founder of SportsRecruits, Chris Meade has had tremendous success building a strong company culture and scaling a team that generates seven figures in annual recurring revenue. Chris credits the success to his exceptional team and their commitment to the SportsRecruits mission.

“Staying true to our mission statement reinforces the “why” to everybody at the company. We not only empower our athletes, we empower each other everyday.”
-Chris Meade


Get Better Everyday

About two years ago, we were transitioning from 10 to 20 employees. One morning stand-up meeting, I remember looking around at our 13 employees and saying to myself, “none of us have professional management experience or training.”

The Muse

We realized our leadership team had to learn how to manage. For the next year, I consumed more management content than I thought possible.

Our breakthrough came when we found “High Output Management” by Andy Grove. This was one of the most transformative books I have ever read. I don’t say that lightly.

Andy provides a framework for managing company output and how to be a manager. We have been implementing Andy’s one-on-one and quarterly review tactics ever since – to great results.


“The single most important resource that we allocate from one day to the next is our own time.”
-Andy Grove


Invest In Your People

We believe managers develop talent professionally and personally. You have to be invested in helping your report be the best they can be.

As Michael Gervais and Shaka Smart discussed on a recent podcast, “There is an old saying in coaching that guys don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, and it’s so unbelievably true. You better take the time to to get to know what’s inside them and what makes them tick and be able to articulate to them what matters to you, and help them do the same back.”


Watch the video to learn more leadership best practices.


This is an excerpt from our SportsRecruits Leadership Development program. The program is an ongoing effort to focus on leadership development, effective communication, decision-making and listening skills.

The “Bring Out the Best in Reports” discussion runs forty minutes and is helpful for anyone managing direct reports. It is especially beneficial if your company uses 15Five or is considering 15Five.