hubWhen you message a college coach, what are they seeing?

You need to ensure they have everything they need to evaluate you, immediately.

There is too much competition to be taking a chance with your future.

But, how are the coaches getting all of your information? And are they?

If a college coach doesn’t know you are interested, they will never be able to evaluate you as a prospect. If they don’t know everything about you, they can’t know if you are a fit.

That is why it is imperative that you send a coach everything they need to recruit you: Your highlight reel, your academic information and reasons you are interested in their program.

Pretend you are a great musician. You have the perfect song, and you know it will be a hit. But if nobody hears your music, they won’t know!

It’s the same concept here. A coach first has to know everything about you and see your academic and athletic information before they can evaluate you!

Our platform will help keep you organized by keeping all of this information – from correspondence to highlight reels to grades – all in one place.

So don’t waste time – get organized!