To learn about how families decide which variables are the most important, we recently conducted an anonymous poll of our club users.

Read below to see which group families rely on most when it comes to their recruiting needs.


Which of these people would you say you rely on the most in the recruiting process?


Respondent’s Answers

“Both the Coach and Recruiting director have been very helpful.”

“None of the above as they are all one person and not particularly hands-on with the recruiting process. We rely on friends with older children who have gone through this.”

“Really none, I feel alone in this, and I need help because it feels like it’s getting late.”

Takeaway Data Point

85.96% of respondents (508 of 591) noted that a club staff member (director, coach or recruiting coordinator) was relied on the most for needs in the recruiting process.


Taking the first question and digging deeper, we can see just how much families expect from their club staffers, notably as it relates to recruiting assistance.

When breaking down some of the respondents’ comments, it was also interesting to note how many said they felt lost in the process or were simply not getting what they thought was adequate assistance. This suggests that a gap exists between expected and real value when it comes to guidance in the recruiting process from a club.

We recently discussed the topic of adding recruiting value, noting it was an important step in keeping families happy – and these numbers would certainly add credence to this idea.

Investing in technologies, speakers or other ways to add recruiting value to your club’s infrastructure can then be viewed as a solution to meet the continued demands from families on an organization.