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Our Commitment

Our mission is to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams. Adversity in the recruiting process is inevitable, but can be overcome with candid guidance. Everyone’s process is different. We will work together to achieve your definition of success.

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The Insights Approach



College coaches want to hear from you. It’s up to you to own your process. We provide the personal curriculum, guidance, and action items to maximize your efforts.


Leverage Your Advocates

Your guidance counselor, high school and club coaches are your support team. We don’t replace this team, we help you leverage it.


Realistic Expectations

2% of high school athletes receive an athletic scholarship. We do not promise scholarships. We help you find the right athletic, academic, social and financial fit.

At highly academic schools, it has become more and more competitive. We used SR Insights to evaluate my academic standing at a range of target and reach schools. I would have never thought I had a chance to go to a school like Williams.

Williams College Logo Anna Spellman Image

Anna Spellman

Williams College Volleyball

It is ok to be confused by the college search and recruiting process. We built Insights for you.

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What's Included?

Dedicated Analyst

Every athlete is matched with a dedicated Insights Analyst. Our Analysts are former college athletes, trained to leverage our proprietary data from thousands of committed athletes. Through working closely with your family, we design an actionable framework for you.

We remember the days of early weekend practices, long road trips to recruiting tournaments, and late nights studying. You and your family have invested so much into your athletic and academic career. My goal is to help you maximize these efforts with a personal, action-based plan of attack.
Alyssa Palomba, Insights Analyst

Personal Curriculum

Our team of former college athletes, former college coaches, and data scientists built a curriculum that has been proven to drive results. Recruiting is not one size fits all. Our framework adapts to your unique goals.

Course 1

Recruiting 101

Welcome to Insights! In this course, we will get to know you and your family and set you up for success with a personalized timeline to guide you through the recruiting process. You will learn the best practices for using the SportsRecruits platform and leveraging your coaches and guidance counselor.

Course 2

Target Schools

Using in-depth data analysis, find out what schools are a good fit for you academically and athletically. We will set you up for success, not just for the next 4 years, but for the next 40.

Course 3


Learn the most effective strategies for interacting with college coaches. With millions of messages sent through the SportsRecruits platform, we have been able to see firsthand what works.

Course 4


This is your opportunity to dive deeper into a topic of your choice. Choose the course that best fits your needs.

  • Highlight Reels
  • Scholarships + Financial Aid
  • NCAA Rules + Regulations
  • Interview Prep

Each Insights course includes:

A package of course materials

Action items

A 45 minute phone call with your dedicated Analyst

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Data + Analytics

Millions of interactions between athletes and coaches on our platform have led to thousands of commitments. Access the most comprehensive dataset in recruiting through SR Insights.

Proprietary Data

We built tools to query our proprietary data in an aggregated and anonymized format, allowing us to share insights from the thousands of successful athletes on our platform.

Proprietary Data Image
Academic Fit Image

Academic Fit Report

Using your target list of schools, we provide an analysis of where you stack up academically next to other athletes interested in each school.

SR Interest Scores

SR Interest Scores measure which schools are most popular amongst recruits each year, helping you discover new opportunities and prepare for competition.

SR Interest Score Image

What schools are you interested in?
Learn how Insights can help you focus on the right schools.

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2 Highlight Reels

Our post-production team has built thousands of reels.
We will help you stand out from the crowd.

Title Card

A professional title card tells college coaches you’re serious about your recruiting process

Isolation effects

Don’t make college coaches guess which player you are

Your Video

We can use any video you have to create your reel

Do you have access to video?

Learn how to leverage your video to maximize your exposure.
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The curriculum didn’t necessarily get me recruited, but it gave me the framework to weigh which schools would give me the best option to get a great education and have a chance to win a National Championship.

Case Matheis

Duke University Lacrosse

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