D3 Summer Girls

Quick Facts


June 10, 2017


Wesleyan Univesrity
Middletown, CT
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This is the 1st year we are running the D3 Summer Girls Showcase. After 5 years of successful D3 specific events on the boys side we are launching our first girls showcase this June! This is a 1-day showcase where uncommitted girls in the class of 2018/2019 can compete in a showcase setting in front of Division III schools in attendance. The number of players are capped, so each player gets more than enough playing time. Every team is coached by an active college coach.

By registering, we will keep all players engaged with recruiting specific webinars, podcasts, and blogs so come June 10th everyone player is prepared.

Blair Ingraham from Wesleyan University and Natalie Moore from Amherst College are the showcase directors.

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