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NCAA Division I Council Passes New Legislation to Halt Early Recruiting

After meeting April 17th and April 18th in Indianapolis, the NCAA Division I Council has voted to adopt sweeping changes to the current recruiting model in an effort to put a stop to early recruiting. To note, these changes will be effective starting in the 2018-2019 academic year. This new legislation applies to ALL Division

Insights Tip: Create a Highlight Reel After a Busy Events Season

Want More Recruiting Guidance? If you need additional resources or want more personal guidance throughout the recruiting process, we would love to chat with you about the SportsRecruits Insights Program and how it is helping families all across the country!   Schedule time on our calendar to learn how SportsRecruits Insights can help! Talk to

How to Assess a College Soccer Program – Ranking the Key Factors: Webinar Recap

If you are a soccer player interested in playing sports in college, listen to our panel of experts discuss the most important things to focus on throughout the recruiting process. This webinar will make sure you know exactly what to be doing to have success finding the right college soccer program for you!   Watch

Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Recap

 Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Summary If you're attending showcases, tournaments, and other lacrosse recruiting events this summer and you're still uncommitted, this webinar will tell you everything you need to know to ensure you take the correct steps at this crucial juncture.   In this webinar, we'll show you how. You'll learn: The

How to Market Yourself to College Coaches: Webinar Recap

Market Yourself to College Coaches: Webinar Summary Athletes who leverage their athletic abilities are more likely to be accepted into their reach schools. They're also more likely to find the right collegiate fit and have a positive collegiate experience.   In this webinar, we'll show you how. You'll learn: How to market yourself to college