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Why I Wouldn’t Trade My DIII Experience For Anything (Not Even DI)

  Acceptance From Outsiders For most people, December means the holidays are on the horizon. For high school seniors, it's crunch time. My friends were juggling schoolwork with college communications and campus visits. Meanwhile, I was in a different position. I was sitting in history class with Mr. O'Connor lecturing - I couldn't tell you

How We Define Success On SportsRecruits

Matt Wheeler co-founded SportsRecruits in 2008, and has been a driving force behind the company’s success. As Co-CEO, Matt oversees all aspects of Technology Development and Customer Support. Matt takes great pride in leveraging his experience to provide real value to athletes and their families.   The goal of the Customer Success Management (CSM) team

Spend More Time On the Court

Munciana Club Director, Mike Lingenfelter uses the SportsRecruits platform to empower Munciana Volleyball Club staff members to focus on what they do best. By powering its recruiting program with SportsRecruits technology, Munciana staff can excel in the roles they were brought on to do...raising the caliber of the club's recruiting program in the process. Discover

What’s In a High Caliber Recruiting Program?

Munciana Club Director, Mike Lingenfelter pursues excellence for every element of Munciana. SportsRecruits made it possible for Mike to elevate Munciana’s recruiting program to the highest caliber, while removing his hand from the process. Now, Mike can devote his time to what he does best - training the nation’s elite players. Missed the commit trailer?

Successful Integration 101: Commit to Action

If you’ve recently integrated with the SportsRecruits platform, you’ve made the first move towards happier staff, fulfilled players, satisfied families, and a stronger club. But what separates the most successful integrations from the least? What approach can help you make the most of your new integration? Momentum is a crucial factor in determining integration success.

The Recruiting Closet Podcast: Episode 4 – How To Conquer The World, Michele DeJulius

THE RECRUITING CLOSET PODCAST  An In-Depth Discussion with Women's Lacrosse legend Michele DeJulius  On May 28, 2016, the United Women's Lacrosse League (the "UWLX") will kick off its inaugural season in Bethlehem, PA. Michele "DJ" DeJulius is the first Commissioner for the professional women's lacrosse league that she thinks is poised for greatness. That Michele