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2016 Men's Lacrosse Interest Scores

Through analyzing our proprietary information, we were able to identify which lacrosse programs garnered the greatest interest from SportsRecruits athletes, as well as which programs showed the largest increase in interest following the 2016 season.

Inside Lacrosse recently published our Top 10 College Lacrosse Interest Scores, which you can recap here if you missed it. Be sure to check it out to access observational insights about these programs.

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Colleges Garnering the Greatest Interest

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SportsRecruits Interest Scores™ for men’s lacrosse are calculated from the activity of over 25,000 high school men’s lacrosse players on the SportsRecruits platform. Schools are scored on a 0 to 100 scale based on two, equally weighted metrics: the number of messages sent to the school and the number of active prospects with the school on their target list. A benchmark is determined by the highest ranked school for each metric, and a normalized score is calculated based on each school’s distance from the benchmark.

Honorable mention goes to colleges which exhibited the greatest interest growth scores.

Colleges With the Greatest Interest Growth


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