BROOKVILLE, NY – January, 2017 – Igloo Lacrosse and SportsRecruits have reached an agreement on a club integration, it was announced today. As part of the agreement, Igloo Lacrosse staff and players will receive access to the innovative suite of tools provided by the recruiting platform.

“We want our student-athletes to be successful socially, academically and athletically in college,” said Anthony S. Alexander, Director. “And SportsRecruits will be one of the tools we use to help guide them there.”

“SportsRecruits will give Igloo and its players, parents and coaching staff the ability to work in tandem,” said Alexander. “This allows us to maximize our efforts and the information we provide to coaches interested in our players.”

“Most of all, we are excited about this tool becoming the cornerstone for our own internal proprietary recruiting service model.”

“Finally, Igloo can manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page.”

“Using SportsRecruits, Igloo can finally manage expectations and keep everyone on the same page.”

– Anthony S. Alexander, Director

SportsRecruits is a technology solution that automatically organizes the recruiting process for club staff and players. With SportsRecruits, players share their athletic stats, academic transcripts, event schedule and video. The Built-In Messaging System connects the club to every college coach in the country.

A Unified Recruiting Solution

SportsRecruits allows Igloo Lacrosse players to efficiently put the information college coaches need in one place, and empowers student-athletes, families and club staffers to work in tandem to be proactive in the recruiting process.

“Igloo wants to help our student-athletes reach and succeed at the next level,” said Anthony S. Alexander. “Igloo will achieve this by providing players and parents with the proper tools and resources to help guide them towards better school decisions.”

Recommending schools, reaching out to coaches, building a memorable first impression. Every step in the recruiting process, in one go.

What’s more, these efforts are documented. This means that each party has a clear view of what the others are doing.

“The platform will help our players and families by centralizing and organizing player information,” said Alexander. “As well as their schools of interest.”

“SportsRecruits stores all the information necessary for our club coaches, players and parents to navigate the recruiting process, in one place.”

Recruiting doesn’t have to be synonymous with guesswork, confusion, and miscommunication.

Ready to see what SportsRecruits can do for your club? Click here to find out!

About Igloo Lacrosse

Team Igloo is an elite travel club lacrosse organization geared to providing a team-oriented approach to learning the game. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in Team Igloo’s case, “It takes a team to build a complete player”. Team Igloo puts a focus on players learning from other players, coaches, and developing an experience that lasts nine quality months of each year. Team Igloo also makes the kids, parents, and their families feel they are a part of something more than just lacrosse.

Team Igloo has and will always continue to be about the players. They call Team Igloo the unofficial anti-travel team — travel team. They strive to provide coaching and team environments that build friendships, teamwork, and most importantly, young gentlemen and ladies. They are completely transparent with their coaches, players and parents on costs and what each player will receive. Their program includes winter training, fall/spring/summer, tournaments, and team building events, on and off the field.

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About SportsRecruits

SportsRecruits is a platform that provide clubs, players and their families access to every college coach in the country. Club organizations use our platform to empower their players in the recruiting process and oversee their efforts and communication with complete transparency. Connections made on the platform have resulted in commitments to the best academic and athletic institutions across the country. SportsRecruits is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit