HP6Welcome to the thirteenth weekly column, “Too Embarrassed to Ask,” where we’ll examine a hot topic from the world of recruiting that parents and student-athletes may want to know more about, but may shy away from asking because it is considered assumed knowledge.

Think of this column like a cheat sheet for those instances it is no longer acceptable to ask a question, say, having met someone three times but still not knowing their name.

This week’s issue: The previous 12 posts in this series.

The question: Did I miss your year in review post?

The short answer: No, you’re right on time.

The actual answer: Here are the previous 12 posts in this series.

Week 1: Early Recruitment

Week 2: Choosing the Right School

Week 3: Post-Graduate Years

Week 4: Parents’ Role in the Recruiting Process

Week 5: Event Attendance

Week 6: Events for College Coaches

Week 7: Overcoming Geography

Week 8: Equivalency v. Headcount Sports

Week 9: Highlight Reels

Week 10: Academic Transcripts: GPA v. AP Classes

Week 11: The Social Media Trap

Week 12: Extracurricular Activities

Bonus: Playing Division I Lacrosse

The movie quote that explains current understanding: “What have I missed?”
-Harry, from 2009’s Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

What the quote says in our context: Harry misses the welcome feast at Hogwarts because all-around terrible person Draco Malfoy left him paralyzed on the train headed back for London. Luckily, loony Luna Lovegood (brilliantly cast, by the way) comes to rescue, and gets Harry off the train.

Cinematically, this is probably my favorite in the HP series, although it is easily the worst adaptation of the books. Which is a pity, because the book was outstanding. This section was an excuse to discuss Harry Potter.

Anyway, if you missed any of our previous installments, this post is for you.

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