wes overheadOne of the keys to the recruiting process is to be realistic about your abilities. As we’ve explored, opportunities at the next level are limited. It is important that you are assessing yourself in the proper light so you can focus on the schools that will be a good fit for your athletically, academically and socially.

This does not mean you should not aim high – far from it. It simply means that by being honest with yourself, you will open the door to new places and experiences while also setting yourself up for a successful college experience.

Remember, ultimately you are going to school and playing your sport, not going to school to play your sport.

Here are 3 ways staying realistic can help you through the recruiting process.

1. It will open new doors.

While everyone has their dream schools, being realistic about the opportunities there can lead you to research other possibilities you may not have known much about that can actually be better fits for you.

2. It will force introspection and can lead to improvement.

Taking a critical look at your skillset and where you stand is a vital step in the recruiting process. It is not an indictment, but rather, can serve as a baseline for where you currently stand. This can challenge you to be the best you possibly can, and is a jumping point for improvement.

3. It will make you proactive, not reactive.

By taking stock of where you are athletically and academically, you are turning the recruiting process in your favor, because it means you are being proactive. Instead of hoping something happens, you are now in a much better position to make it happen, which can prevent you from feeling like the chaos is too much to handle.