michael scottAs a high school student athlete, one of the first ways to get on the radar of college coaches is by sending them a message indicating your interest in their program.

Doing this is imperative – being proactive is the only way to ensure a coach is aware of you and your interest in their school.

The old adage “you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take” certainly applies here.

But, how are the coaches getting all of your information? And are they?

If a college coach doesn’t know you are interested, they will never be able to evaluate you as a prospect.

Pretend you are a Hollywood movie writer. You have the perfect script, and you know it will be a blockbuster movie. But if you don’t get it in front of movie executives, will your movie ever get made?

It’s the same concept here. A coach first has to know everything about you and see your academic and athletic information before they can evaluate you!

Did you know: With our platform, you can see which coaches are viewing your information & video. Having this information helps you focus on the schools that are showing a real interest in you.

Stop guessing and take control!


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