To learn about how families decide which variables are the most important, we recently conducted an anonymous poll of our club users.

Read below to see how families don’t consider price a real factor when determining which club organization to join.


Which of the following most accurately reflects why you chose your current club program?


Respondent’s Answers

“Well run program. Good reputation for players and development.”

“Coach philosophy and expertise are topmost.”

Takeaway Data Point

Only 1.75% of respondents (10 of 572) selected “price” as a major factor of joining a club.


Given the rising costs of playing on a club team – things like event fees and travel expenses alone are astronomical – it is interesting to note that price is not a major factor for our respondents when choosing an organization.

While this at first appears surprising, it should not be. Families have begun to view club sports as an expense that will ultimately result in finding a collegiate home. Considering the exploding costs of a college education, families view a $1,000-$5,000 per-year cost as an investment.

Other than buying a house, sending a child to college is one of the largest costs a family will incur. As such, it is not surprising that they are willing to invest in club sports as a way to potentially offset costs later via scholarships.

With budgets and costs on the minds of most club owners and directors, it is interesting to note that price does not seem to be such a determinant factor. While there certainly exists a yet-to-be-calculated ceiling on what a family will pay, it does not seem to have been reached yet.

If you are a club not making investments in your business when it comes to technology and infrastructure, families will find and pay a premium for those that are.

Said another way, there is no reason for an organization to cut corners or to invest in things like technology, personnel or other value-add improvements if price is not a deterrent for families.