EJ SurisHow was your SportsRecruits.com experience? Was SportsRecruits.com easy to use?
I loved it! It was extremely easy to use and the people at their office are always there for help. SportsRecruits.com kept everything in one place – the ultimate filing cabinet!

Was the SportsRecruits.com staff helpful to you throughout the process?
Yes, just shoot them an email and they answer you back within 24 hours.

What was the college coaches response to your profile and video?
They all really liked it. They loved my videos, and they liked having my transcript, GPA, and stats all in one spot.

How did you use SportsRecruits.com to increase your exposure to college coaches?
I used their college search engine to narrow down my search and easily send emails to colleges of interest.

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How do you think SportsRecruits.com gave you an advantage over your peers who tried to do it on their own?
The bottom line is that my information looked professional. As compared to an email with everything in it, I had pictures, videos, state, a transcript, and all my upcoming events all in one place.

Would you recommend SportsRecruits.com to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse? Does SportsRecruits.com work?
Yes, I do all the time! SportsRecruits was definitely a big help with the recruiting process. I think you guys are doing an awesome job.