cornellHow was your experience? Was easy to use?
My experience was very helpful. The profile page kept me very organized and it was easy to send my link out to coaches. It was also very good because it kept my videos organized and made it very easy for college coaches to take a look at the way I play.

Was the staff helpful to you throughout the process?
The staff was very helpful and answered every email and every question as soon as possible. The staff was also extremely helpful by sending out news blasts and keep me up to date with recruiting.

What was the college coaches response to your profile and video?
Almost every coach I talked with asked if I had any highlights or game tapes available for them and even asked if I had a lacrosse recruits page. Many coaches feel it is essential to see highlights or some amount of game footage to take that first step in recruiting a player.

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How did you use to increase your exposure to college coaches?
I attached my personal profile link to all emails that I would send to college coaches. This greatly helped me gain exposure because it very accessible and easy to see everything about me for the college coaches.

How do you think gave you an advantage over your peers who tried to do it on their own?
I feel that I have an advantage because my profile made it very easy to see everything about me and having lacrosse recruits make my videos were much more effective because it saves time and the stress of trying to make a video on my own. There is also an advantage in searching for school since each school as a biography written about it on the search page.

Would you recommend to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse? Does work?
I would definitely recommend lacrosse recruits because I felt it was a very effective way to start communication during the recruiting process. I felt it was essential in order to give college coaches a taste of how I perform.