summersPlease tell us where you have committed and a little about how you came to your decision.
I have committed to Monmouth University. Coach Fisher and Coach Gieson have a definitive plan in place to compete in the Northeast Conference immediately.

How was your experience? Was easy to use?
Great. I was able to connect with a good number of coaches in a short period of time and it was very easy to use.

Was the staff helpful to you throughout the process?

What was the college coaches’ response to your profile and video?
Interested coaches responded quickly. The profile helps a lot, as it allows for a good amount of information to be uploaded to one place.

How did you use to increase your exposure to college coaches?
I sent out messages through the website to the schools I was interested in and I received a high number of responses.

Would you recommend to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse? Does work?
Yes, I believe that most coaches pay attention to the emails they receive from SportsRecruits because it provides so much instant information about the player.

If you are from an area that is NOT considered a “hot bed” area for lacrosse, do you think significantly increased the exposure you received?
Yes. Being from the west coast, it is virtually impossible for the eastern-based coaches to see players’ lacrosse games.