Justin IsaacsPlease tell us about where you have committed and a little about how you came to your decision.
I committed to Ithaca college because it is the best fit for me academically and athletically.

How was your SportsRecruitscom experience? Was SportsRecruits.com easy to use?
Amazing…this would not have happened without SportsRecruits.

Was the SportsRecruits.com staff helpful to you throughout the process?
Yes, everyone was so helpful.

What was the college coaches response to your profile and video?
That is really what has made this all happen!

How did you use SportsRecruits.com to increase your exposure to college coaches?
I was able to easily email coaches through the messaging system to send out my profile and highlights.

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How do you think SportsRecruits.com gave you an advantage over your peers who tried to do it on their own?
It took them days to do what I was able to on SportsRecruits.com in an hour.

Would you recommend SportsRecruits.com to a friend that wants to play in college?
I have already recommended SportsRecruits to multiple people.