Martha HardingHow was your experience?
My lacrosse recruits experience was very positive; the team was very personable and accessible.

Was easy to use? has an easy, navigable, interface. The accessibility site helped simplify my recruiting process.

Was the staff helpful to you throughout the process?
The staff was very prompt in answering questions and creating videos. Lacrosse recruits personalized my recruiting experience.

What was the college coaches response to your profile and video?
College coaches seemed appreciative that I used such a legitimate and organized site.

How did you use to increase your exposure to college coaches?
I used to show my videos to colleges I was already corresponding to rather than contacting more coaches.

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How do you think gave you an advantage over your peers who tried to do it on their own?
I think gave me an edge in the recruiting process because I had professionally made and clear videos. I could not have created such high quality highlight tapes on my own.

Would you recommend to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse?
Yes; I think is a great enabler in the recruiting process because it is a tool that all coaches trust and use.

Does work?
I couldn’t have a better experience seeing as I committed to my top choice school.

Being from a non hot bed, do you think significantly increased the exposure you received?
I think that was completely necessary for me to get east coast exposure. Coming from California, it’s an arduous process to get out east, so having a streamlined website makes recruiting easier for both the player and the coach.