William MetteHow was your SportsRecruits.com experience?
My experience was awesome. I loved having the ability to get the attention of college coaches simply through sending an email with a link to my page attached. It made the recruiting process a good deal less stressful because I knew that I was getting seen.

Was SportsRecruits.com easy to use?
It was very easy to use. The staff gave me simple instructions that were easy to follow, and the process of making an account and creating a page was very fluid.

Was the SportsRecruits.com staff helpful to you throughout the process?
The staff at SportsRecruits was very helpful. They provided me with great recruiting advice that allowed me to get myself out there in front of coaches of the schools that I most desired to attend.

What was the college coaches response to your profile and video?
I got a lot of positive feedback from coaches concerning my profile and video in particular. The video looked very professional and the coaches loved the clips that I had in there.

[wp_lightbox_ultimate_inline_content_embed div_id=”340″ anchor_type=”image” title=”William Mette Highlight Reel” text=”click here play video” source=”http://sportsrecruits.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/0_2uk1zukg.jpg” width=”240″ height=”180″ auto_popup=”false”]

How did you use SportsRecruits.com to increase your exposure to college coaches?
SportsRecruits most definitely increased my exposure to college coaches. With the click of a button, I was able to place my highlight video in their inbox.

How do you think SportsRecruits.com gave you an advantage over your peers who tried to do it on their own?
SportsRecruits gave me a distinct advantage over doing it on my own. My video was professional and concise, and really highlighted my abilities well.

Would you recommend SportsRecruits.com to a friend that wants to play college lacrosse?
I would definitely recommend SportsRecruits to anyone who wants to play lacrosse at the next level. It gets you in front of coaches, which is half the battle, and also provides you with great counseling from the staff. SportsRecruits gave me a definitive edge over my competition in the recruiting process.

Does SportsRecruits.com work?
SportsRecruits works. If you want to get recruited, SportsRecruits is a great tool to utilize.