Texas Top 99

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May 31-June 2, 2019


Jesuit College Preparatory School
Dallas, TX
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If you have a desire to play college lacrosse in the future, then this is the event for you! The explosion of varsity lacrosse in the last 11 years has resulted in the development of highly skilled players who have yet to be seen by the coaches of Top DI, DII or DIII NCAA programs. The availability of recruiting camps in the Northeast has been closed to all but a handful of players from Texas, leaving 100 plus college capable players from being exposed to Lacrosse programs across the land. The shrinking budgets and staffs at the NCAA levels make it difficult for coaches to make recruiting trips west of Ohio.

However, there is a perception that there are tremendous athletes in Texas, but the level of lacrosse skill remains a mystery. That?s where the T99 comes in?.

The Top 99 unites aggressive/interested college coaches from across the country with players from across the state that aspire to compete for an NCAA Varsity Program or college club.

We Invite handpicked coaches from geographically appropriate, athletically achievable and academically diverse programs who recognize the athleticism, passion and desire to improve that the Texas player can bring to their program.

T99 has the highest ratio of coaches to players of any recruiting event in the country, almost 1 recruiting coach for every 2 players-this is more than Champ Camp, Hotbeds,Top 205, Blue Chip, Peak 200, King of The Hill! And it is right in your backyard.

Over 200 different colleges and universities have recruited at T99 since its inception!

Our objective is to establish Texas as a new "hotbed" for Top NCAA Talent.

Check out the Texas Top 99 Website - http://www.t99lax.com/page/show/2137947-home

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Film & Recruiting Packages - https://sportsrecruits.com/events/t992019

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