NXT Southern MBX Showcase

Quick Facts


June 9-10, 2021


Franklin Gateway Sports Complex
Marietta, GA
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NXT has teamed up with Myers Brothers Lacrosse (MBX) under which NXT will operate the MBX 44 Showcase, an elite high school recruiting and educational event allowing you to learn from top Division I, II, and III coaches.

This unique event offers the perfect mix of skill development and exposure. You will learn half-field and full-field concepts and participate in position-specific breakout sessions with top NCAA DI, DII, and DIII coaches. You will also get a chance to showcase your ability in front of the coaches during scrimmages.

This event is owned and operated by NXT.

Our Take

EventBeacon is the official recruiting tool for college coaches attending. Every college coach in the country can access the game schedule, team rosters, & complete student athlete profiles by downloading the EventBeacon app to their mobile device. Game video will be made available on EventBeacon On Demand for college coaches to stream.

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