Northstar Showcase

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July 28-29, 2021


Afrim's Sports Park
Albany, NY
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The Northstar Showcase curriculum is intentionally designed to concentrate elements of the game which we believe will develop the student athlete and foster talent, competition, confidence, fun, camaraderie, knowledge, respect, leadership, and as a result, play a valuable role in making each athlete more 'recruitable', and better equipped to achieve their goals for 'next level' lacrosse. The NSS curriculum makes for a jam-packed, high-intensity, productive day of lacrosse. NSS is pillared on the trusted philosophy, quality, and value established by Northstar in 2012. At our core is a strong commitment to do our best for Northstar athletes and their families, and to provide them with as much value as possible. We are confident that families will benefit from their experience, and we look forward to welcoming the next wave of athletes into our Northstar family.

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