D3 Winter Boys

Quick Facts


January 18, 2020


Indoor Sports Pavilion
Randolph, NJ
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Last Year's Highlights


The D3 Winter Showcase enters its 9th year 2020, after a very successful 2019 Summer Showcase which over 65 college coaches attended! The D3 Winter Showcase is a one-day event that allows athletes looking to compete at the Division III level to play in front of some of the best Division III programs in the country. The number of players are capped, so each gets a chance to showcase their skills in front of the college coaches from the schools they are targeting. Players and their parents participate in a recruiting seminar to open the day.


“The event was very organized, and there was a very friendly and helpful staff. Every player got equal playtime to show their skills off to college recruiters, and the coach turnout was good.”

Our Take

A Disclaimer: SportsRecruits is involved with organizing this event. (We will leave biases aside). The D3 Winter & Summer Showcases have been very successful, because, in short, they allow players to play in front of college coaches for whom they have a noted interest. The coaches know the players are interested in the DIII experience, so they are excited to attend knowing it will be a fruitful day for them. The event features a very useful recruiting seminar and Q&A, and the exposure to college coaches -- all from Division III schools -- makes this an obvious choice for those players looking to compete at the DIII level in college.

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