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When Can College Coaches Contact High School Athletes?

The following post features excerpts from the SportsRecruits Recruiting Guide for student-athletes. For a confident and fun recruiting process, access the complete guide here.   NCAA Contact Rules For Student-Athletes Questions frequently arise around the contact rules between high school student-athletes and college coaches. These rules vary greatly from sport-to-sport, which can cause confusion. Be

Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Recap

 Crush the Summer Recruiting Circuit: Webinar Summary If you're attending showcases, tournaments, and other lacrosse recruiting events this summer and you're still uncommitted, this webinar will tell you everything you need to know to ensure you take the correct steps at this crucial juncture.   In this webinar, we'll show you how. You'll learn: The

New NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting Rule Breakdown: Webinar Recap

New NCAA Recruiting Rule Breakdown: Webinar Summary On April 14, the NCAA voted to pass new legislation on early recruiting. The legislation bans college lacrosse coaches from communicating with prospective student-athletes (PSAs) until September 1 of their junior year of high school.   In the webinar recap, you'll learn: How the new NCAA legislation will

New NCAA Lacrosse Recruiting Legislation: Everything You Need To Know

We are happy to announce that on Friday April 14th, the NCAA Division I Council voted to pass a new early recruiting proposal which has been a long time coming for the women’s and men’s lacrosse community.  This legislation (NCAA proposal 2017-1, formerly proposal 2016-26) bans college lacrosse coaches from communicating with prospective student-athletes (PSAs)